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Christa Buckland

BHlthSc (Health Promotion)

HDR Candidate, Western Sydney University



Investing in mentoring, Investing in yourself

Posted by Christa Buckland on October 5, 2014 at 12:15 AM

I’m going to admit something. Something that may or may NOT be a good idea to admit!! I was a total sceptic about mentoring.

There, I said it. The cat’s out of the bag! :P

I used to think, “How are they going to help me?” “That’s a lot of money!” “I can figure this out myself”.

Then, I finally bit the bullet and made the decision that I could do with some help. Couldn’t hurt, right?

WOW!! When I got a mentor, something MAGICAL happened!!

I gained CONFIDENCE. I gained CLARITY. I had a MAJOR breakthrough in the first 24 hours! I kid you not. From that moment, I was a believer!! :D It totally and completely changed my perception of mentoring. I was like, “Wow, why hadn’t I thought of that!”  This breakthrough unlocked a door and the ideas just kept flowing. My learning deepened. The energy multiplied. I was on my way.

Something CHANGED the moment I stepped into that space and admitted I didn’t know everything. Something changed when I collaborated with a mentor who could provide a different perspective, guidance and support. There’s an energy to collaboration. It is wonderful. And you might discover something you never expected!

For some people they thrive working one-on-one with a mentor. It’s really special when you can focus solely on one person. You can go DEEP with them about the changes they need to make and create a completely tailored experience.

Other people work best in a group environment – and that can be so amazing in different ways! With a small group you have several people to bounce ideas off and learn from each other’s experiences. There is also a group energy which can motivate and inspire each person to keep going and reach higher.

I guess the main message here is that COLLABORATION is so so VALUABLE!!

If you’re still unsure about working with a mentor, ask yourself this: What RESULTS would justify your investment in a mentor? And do you want those results NOW? Then it’s simply a matter of finding a mentor who can help you achieve those results!

So I invite you – if you would like some help, a new perspective, motivation, inspiration, knowledge, or simply a hand to hold – I’m here. And I wouldn’t offer myself to you, if I didn’t KNOW that I can help you. You will be AMAZED at what you are capable of. Your potential is in there, waiting to be unlocked, if you just give yourself the chance.


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